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Pain management in work place

Body pain for employees happen because of excess load on joints, this cause pain and discomfort in body.  It cause absenteeism in employees and hit and productivity. On an average three to five times of body weight is used in bones and joints of human being when we walk, run or stand. In manufacturing companies, most of the time is spend by the employees in standing. So it hurts them. Pain in the hands, hip and legs can be reversed if employees reduce weight.

For every kilogram of weight lost in the body 3 kg of pressure load in knee and 6 kg equipment pressure load in hip is reduced. So pain can be reduced by reducing the weight in body.

Reverse Neck and back pain now..

Neck and back pain in work place be reversed by employees through following methods:

* Reduction of weight

* By Following a strict diet control system

* Eat only nutrition food and consult Dietician periodically

* Get Postures right (the way while walk, sit, stand)

* Use ergonomically designed chairs.

* Don’t give more loads while lifting weights. 

Result of Proper diet control:

- Reduction of pain in body

- Posture perfect

- Better joint function

- Better heart health

- Better sleep

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